Welcome to the Urban Archaeology blog. Freelance archaeologist Chiz Harward provides a range of on and offsite services to the archaeological profession, including running and working on excavations, post-excavation services, training and development work, and illustration work. This weblog will carry news of projects as and when they happen as well as wider thoughts on archaeological issues, especially recording, stratigraphy and training.

Post-excavation -going beyond the MoLAS Site Manual

Post-excavation work is well under way on the 100 Minories excavation dataset. The last of the finds are all being washed and the samples processed ready to go off to the specialists to prepare their reports, however I've been busy 'sub-grouping' the contexts, which is a job that involves being in the warm and dry. Perfect for this time of year.
The MoLAS Archaeological Site Manual -still the definitive work for on-site recording, but what do you do with the records?

We excavated and recorded several thousand individual contexts on the 100 Minories site, each context a separate 'event' in the archaeological sequence, each with a set of records and each potentially with associated artefacts and environmental material. Understanding all these thousands of contexts is a daunting task, so we aggregate the contexts into a series of larger groupings, working from context level through 'Sub-groups', 'Groups' and finally to the level of landscape 'Land-use' units like Buildings, Open Areas and Waterfronts.