Welcome to the Urban Archaeology blog. Freelance archaeologist Chiz Harward provides a range of on and offsite services to the archaeological profession, including running and working on excavations, post-excavation services, training and development work, and illustration work. This weblog will carry news of projects as and when they happen as well as wider thoughts on archaeological issues, especially recording, stratigraphy and training.

Horse and Groom Inn excavation medieval farm reconstruction drawing

I've been working on the analysis and publication text for the LP Archaeology excavation at Horse and Groom Inn, Bourton-on-the-Hill, Gloucestershire. As well as prehistoric remains including Middle Iron Age burials, we excavated the well-preserved remains of a set of medieval masonry farm buildings set around a courtyard.  

Medieval farm buildings at Horse and Groom Inn, looking north west

Pottery illustration at Horse and Groom Inn, and some thoughts on artefact illustration

Composite illustration of a late medieval Malvernian ware dripping dish from Horse and Groom Inn
The image is of a late medieval 'Malvernian ware' dripping dish from the Horse and Groom Inn site in the Cotswolds. The dish was found smashed on the floor of the medieval farmhouse, with other sherds found in a rubble deposit a few metres away. It may have been broken during the clearing out of the building before their demolition.