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Animated fly-through of Khasa Malla nauli

I've just finished processing some of the record shots from the recent fieldwork in Nepal. I'm using Autodesk 123D Catch to stitch digital photographs and create 3-D photogrammetric models of a sample of the monuments so we can see if this is a viable way of recording monuments quickly and accurately. An added advantage is you can easily create animated fly-throughs of the models that give a 3-D impression of the actual monument which is great and has lots of potential uses within a project that aims to help enable heritage tourism.

This 3-D model was created using standard archaeological record shots, for a full 3-D model we'd have needed to take many more photos to cover all the angles, still it gives a good idea of what is possible given a bit of time and a digital camera.

The featured monument is a nauli or waterpoint at Bhurti in Dailekh, West Nepal. It is 20 yards or so from the major Khasa Malla temple site of Bhurti, which has 22 intact temples, plus the remains of potentially many more. I'll add some more fly-throughs as and when I get them processed.


  1. AS ever, these things are an excellent way of showing stuff on the web. Now we have to get archaeologists to gear up to publishing in web formats! - Meanwhile, on another matter, HS" Draft Environmental Statement is open for consultation until June 11th. Any readers of this blog in London or the Midlands (in particular) might like to take a look and respond http://www.hs2.org.uk/draft-environmental-statement